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Diabetic testing supplies for Active and non-Medicare members are not covered through Navitus Rx.  Members are required to purchase these supplies through Neighborhood Diabetes at 1-866-784-5647.  

Diabetic medications and needles are still covered at a network pharmacy or through WellDyneRx mail order program.  You can enroll with the mail order program at http://www.mywdrx.com.  You can mail the prescriptions to WellDyneRx or fax the prescriptions to 1-888-830-3608. 

More information on WellDyne Rx Mail Order Service:

Form_PDS_WellDyne Registration.pdf



Effective July 2013, Medicare implemented a National Mail-Order Program for diabetic testing supplies.  If you get your diabetic testing supplies by mail, you will need to use a National Mail-Order Program Medicare contract supplier for Medicare and COEHA to pay.

To see a list of pharmacies, click below:

Participating Pharmacies.pdf



To download the Formulary click below:

2017 October COEHA Comprehensive_09-26-17.pdf

2017 COEHA October PA Criteria_09-26-17.pdf

2017 COEHA October ST Criteria_09-26-17.pdf

2017 September COEHA Comprehensive_08-23-17.pdf

2017 COEHA September PA Criteria_08-23-17.pdf

2017 COEHA September ST Criteria_08-23-17.pdf

2017 August COEHA Comprehensive_07-26-17.pdf

2017 COEHA August PA Criteria_07-26-17.pdf

2017 COEHA August ST Criteria_07-26-17.pdf

2017 July COEHA Comprehensive_06-27-17.pdf

2017 COEHA July PA Criteria_07-03-17.pdf

2017 COEHA July ST Criteria_06-27-17.pdf

2017 May COEHA Comprehensive_04-26-17.pdf

2017 COEHA May PA Criteria_04-26-17.pdf

2017 COEHA May ST Criteria_04-26-17.pdf

2017 April COEHA Comprehensive_03-22-17.pdf

2017 COEHA April PA Criteria_03-22-17.pdf

2017 COEHA April ST Criteria_03-22-17.pdf

2017 COEHA Abridged Formulary with Covers_V4.pdf

2017 COEHA Comprehensive Formulary with Covers_V4.pdf

2017 COEHA PA Criteria FINAL.pdf

2017 COEHA ST Criteria FINAL_V2.pdf

2016 November COEHA Complete Formulary_11-02-16.pdf

2016 November COEHA PA Criteria_10-26-16.pdf

2016 November COEHA ST Criteria_10-26-16.pdf

2016 October COEHA Complete Formulary_10-4-16.pdf

2016 October COEHA PA Criteria_9-26-16.pdf

2016 October COEHA ST Criteria_9-26-16.pdf

2016 September COEHA Comprehensive Formulary_09-09-2016.pdf

2016 September COEHA PA Criteria_8-23-16.pdf

2016 September COEHA ST Criteria_8-23-16.pdf

2016 August COEHA Comprehensive Formulary.pdf

2016 August COEHA PA Criteria.pdf

2016 August COEHA ST Criteria.pdf

2016 July COEHA Comprehensive Formulary.pdf

2016 July COEHA PA Criteria.pdf

2016 July COEHA ST Criteria.pdf

2016 June COEHA Comprehensive Formulary.pdf

2016 June COEHA PA Criteria.pdf

2016 June COEHA ST Criteria.pdf

2016 COEHA May Comprehensive_Formulary_05.06.16.pdf

2016 COEHA May PA Criteria_4-27-16.pdf

2016 COEHA May ST Criteria_4-27-16.pdf

2016 COEHA April Comprehensive_Formulary.pdf

2016 COEHA April PA Criteria.pdf

2016 COEHA April ST Criteria.pdf

2016 COEHA March Comprehensive_Formulary.pdf

2016 COEHA March PA Criteria.pdf

2016 COEHA March ST Criteria.pdf

2016 COEHA Comprehensive Formulary V5 Updated 10-1-15.pdf

2016 COEHA Abridged Formulary V5 Updated 10-1-15.pdf

2016 COEHA ST Criteria Updated 10-21-15.pdf

2016 COEHA PA Criteria 11.17.15.pdf

2016 Commercial Formulary.pdf

2016 Commercial Quick Reference Formulary.pdf