C and O Employees' Hospital Association



To report any fraudulent activities click on the CMS website link below and go to the fraud and abuse section or call 1-800-medicar:



Link to the CMS Best Available Evidence home page:



Low Income Subsidy for Members:

Click on the link below to see how CMS will pay part of your Part D premium if you qualify. 

2017 CMS' payment at different levels: 100%  $32.10;  75%  $24.00;  50%  $16.00;  25%  $8.00

2016 LIS Asset Levels Memo.pdf

2017 LIS Resource Limits_Final_11102016.pdf


Medication Therapy Program (MTM):

Members can join this program at no cost to them.  Click the attachment below to see the details.

2017 MTM Website Program Descriptor_COEHA Final.docx

Blank PML_SinfoniaRx Logo_Eastern (1).pdf

Blank PML_SinfoniaRx Logo_Spanish_Eastern.pdf

2016 MTM Website Program Descriptor_COEHA.docx

Blank PML_SinfoniaRx Logo_Eastern (referred to in document above).pdf


Pharmacy Listing:

C and O Med D Directory_10-2017.pdf

C and O Med D Directory_09-2017.pdf

C and O Med D Directory_08-2017.pdf

C and O Med D Directory_07-2017.pdf

C and O Med D Directory_06-2017.pdf

C and O Med D Directory_05-2017.pdf

C and O Med D Directory_04-2017.pdf

2017 Annual C and O Med D Directory with Covers_V3.pdf

Dec 2016 Med D Pharmacy Directory.pdf

COEHA Medicare D Full Pharmacy List 8-3-2015.pdf

COEHA Med D Full Pharmacy List LTC National 20140716.pdf

COEHA Med D Full Pharmacy List LTC States 20140716.pdf


To report a compliant to CMS, click the link below to print a complaint form.



To download a Medicare Coverage Determination Request Form:

(2016) NVCOD_Coverage Determination Request Form.docx


To download the Medicare Evidence of Coverage, Click the link below:

2016 COEHA PDP EOC.docx

2017 PDP EOC.docx